Technical Support

With growing number of IT companies, a lot of them have created internal technical Support line. We are looking to build a Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3 technical support line to address technical issues that may arise during business hours. This team should possess a technical background and a customer-focused attitude.

We speak 34 languages

We represent 50+ countries

We provide full-cycle solution

You receive a professional team

Our goal is a happy customer

Why choose Us?

Experienced team

We have extensive experience, and we are proud to have brought new knowledge into different industries

Custom-tailored approach

We deal with each client individually and consider all the demands for success throughout our alliance.

First-class solution

We use modern technologies and advanced solutions to create a best practice customer support line within the set budget


Reasonable price

We charge only reasonable rates. Excluding “shadow” costs, we are ready to propose to you our attractive price. You will be pleased.

Our Projects

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5G network provider

Our customer support team grew 300% when our client shifted from 4G to 5G network standards. We offered support for hardware replacement, software and hardware setup, the advantages of 5G networks, and billing. We made more than 50K outbound calls to aid customers in swapping their old devices for new ones. During peak times, we kept our Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Customer Satisfaction (C-Sat) rate on target by: - adapting the verbal script to reduce Average Handling Time (AHT); - running an outbound calling campaign to reduce inbound calls and maintain the SLA and C-Sat rate; - dividing customer service into Level 1 and Level 2. Level 1 was for less experienced agents, who could help customers with basic requests. Level 2 was for experienced agents with technical backgrounds, such as system administrators, who could provide technical assistance and consult on issues.

We know how to work with


Cooperation Process



Please share details about your request with us so that we can have a better understanding of your requirements. We will then arrange a meeting to discuss the specifics and ask any relevant questions. After that, our Business Development Manager will provide you with a quote based on different payment options.


Transition period

Once signed, our Business Development Manager will introduce you to the Project Manager who will help you establish a customer support line, integrate systems, and select a telecom platform. This transition process usually takes 1-3 months, during which we require your team to be 80-100% involved. . 


Continued Improvement period

We also discuss the results with the customer and provide feedback on the process. Through regular meetings, we monitor the progress of the improvement plan, adjust it when necessary, and ensure that all goals are met. This process allows us to identify areas where improvement is needed, develop solutions, and implement them to achieve the desired results.

Our Price Includes:

  • 1

    Agent Salary and Incentives

    Choose Ants for a motivated team and attractive pay. Invest in Quality and trust us for skilled professionals.

  • 2

    Support Team Salary and Incentives

    Our supervision, training, KPI control, and reporting teams are customizable to your needs. You have control over administration team costs and size.

  • 3

    Account manager

    All our clients receive a specific contact person with proven experience in your industry  

  • 4

    Admin Cost

    Price includes bank commission and accounting costs.

  • 5

     Soft and Hardware

    We'll define all required software and hardware during negotiation. Clients only pay for resources dedicated to the project.

  • 6

    Company Commission and Taxes

    Choose Ants for the best option. We have no tariff margin policy and provide qualitative omni-channel services to all companies.

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