Ants offers one-stop data services to businesses and individuals seeking data entry and cleansing outsourcing services. Let us handle your routine tasks. Our data cleansing services transform inaccurate, duplicated, or messy data into reliable and usable information.

Why choose Us?

Experienced team

We have extensive experience, and we are proud to have brought new knowledge into different industries

Custom-tailored approach

We deal with each client individually and consider all the demands for success throughout our alliance.

First-class solution

We use modern technologies and advanced solutions to create a best practice customer support line within the set budget


Reasonable price

We charge only reasonable rates. Excluding “shadow” costs, we are ready to propose to you our attractive price. You will be pleased.

Services We Provide


Medical Data Entry

Our company specializes in medical data entry for hospitals, private clinics, and labs worldwide. The Ants team has extensive experience in providing digital solutions for the healthcare and medical industries. We understand that accuracy is paramount, as people's lives depend on the quality of data entry. Trust us to deliver precise and reliable medical data entry services to meet your specific needs.


Document data Entry

Our document data entry services ensure high quality and accuracy. If you need to organize your documents into standardized and reliable data, look no further than Ants. We specialize in document data entry for various types of documents, including legal contracts and NDAs, financial invoices and checks, public records, surveys, and insurance documents. Trust us to provide you with precise and reliable data entry services. 


Image data Entry

Our image entry service allows clients to transfer all necessary information from images to online or offline systems. Our team provides scanning, sorting, cataloging, processing, and tagging of invoices, contracts, and other image files in a structured format for further business action. With our reliable and efficient service, you can be assured that your image data entry needs will be met with the utmost attention to detail and accuracy. 



We audit vital data during data cleansing.



We fix address, gender, and invoice details.


Remove duplicates

We remove duplicates and irrelevant data during cleansing.


Catalog cleansing

We simplify online catalogs and remove irrelevant data, creating clear website hierarchy for better navigation.


Product cleansing

We guarantee accurate product descriptions optimized for search engines. 


Amazon cleansing

We offer data cleansing services for your Amazon shop.

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